With Apple being the guru of everything technologically brilliant as well as everything stunningly smooth, the iPhone is an obviously essential piece of gadgetry for the tech friendly consumer. With the addition of great new fancy friendly, and best of all, FREE iPhone applications that ROCK, we can have anything we want at the tip of our fingers. From instant access to your Myspace to perusing the latest fashion and films, we have found a tool more valuable than the past ten years of technology. But with this technology, comes a great responsibility - where do I start?


It's hard to say!. Ok, they day that someone has to question where to find ANY apple product or service is the say that their brilliant marketing has failed and the apocalypse is soon to follow. Apple is notoriously easy, and finding great applications for the iPhone or iPod Touch is just as simple. The stock answer is that apps can be found at the iTunes Apps portion of the iTunes Store, but as most iPhone users know, the "in phone" Apps Store is usually the place to shop and buy any of the great applications.

One of the great things about the latest update to the iPhone firmware is the ability to sort between "top free applications" in any category. This saves so much time when trying to find something based on a specific topic or criteria.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Free iPhone App for Productivity - Dragon Dictation

We are not always in a location/circumstance that allows us to write an email or compose a text message, but thanks to Dragon Dictation, we are now offered a "hands free" way to compose text on our iPhone. This free iPhone app is a great addition to anyone who does anything on the iPhone. With Dragon Dictation a user can speak the desired message into the iPhone and Dragon Dictation will transcribe it to text. I have used this many many times when I need a quick way to compose email, text or notes on the iPhone. This is one of the best free iPhone apps available to help with the dangers of driving and texting. Never again will you sacrifice safety when texting or typing on the iPhone. The Dragon Dictation iPhone app gives great text transcription - I have found that the transcriptions are very accurate and offer a variety of suggestions if the audio was unclear. One word of warning, like any technology, there are flaws - not in the app, but in the way you must use it. This app works great, but don't expect to get good transcriptions if you are in a noisy area (road noise, construction, etc.)

  • Free audio to text transcriptions
  • Ability to copy/paste text to text message, email or any other iPhone application
  • Ease of use
  • Great editing features which allow you to correct mistakes in the transcription

  • Doesn't creat emails/text messages within the app - you still must copy and paste the text after transcription.
  • Short duration of recording time - if you are silent, the app automatically assumes that you are finished and ends the recording.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Evernote - The Evernote iPhone application is something for anybody that has ever wanted to remember anything. You might think you can take notes in the "notes" program, but be warned, the chances of you actually doing this are slim.

Evernote helps you remember...
- Emails Notes
- Image Notes
- Web Clips
- Text Clips
- Excel Clips
- To Do Lists
- Swatches
- PDF's
- Voice Memos
....and Much Much More

Great FREE Twitter iPhone App!

So many people use Twitter these days that email and instant messaging have become a thing of the past. Ok, not really, but Twitter has been a huge revolution in the way we communicate. As many would have guessed, the iPhone is the perfect place for a great Twitter application. Now, you can update people on your status when your status is actually changing - when your on the go. Lugging around your laptop to coffee shops to Tweet your position in time and space is a thing of the past. Now all you have to do is use this great Twitter Free iphone app, and you're a mobile machine. Twitterific is a really cool FREE iPhone app that will give you simple options to keep your Twitter up to date. Post Tweets, add to favorite find users all with the sleek interface of your Apple iPhone. Twitterific is FREE and available through the iTunes store or on your iPhone apps store.

Mint - The Best Financial "Keep Me in Budget" App Ever Made. A Great Website and Now A Great App

Free iPhone apps have never looked so good! The economic downturn has create a new idea of what we want in a free iPhone app, and has given us a extremely valuable tool to help us keep our finances straight.

The iPhone app is a "one stop shop" for all things related to finances; including budgeting, money allocation, net worth and more. The ease of use that offers in their iPhone app and online account management system is really impressive.

One of the best parts about the free iPhone app is the online sync. All the info on the website is automatically linked to your iPhone app.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Top Free iPhone Application - FedEx

For those involved in business or for those not remotely involved with business, the Free FedEx iPhone application is a great tool to have on hand as part of your iPhone app arsenal. FedEx Mobile for the iPhone comes packed with all of the services that you would expect in an iPhone app - ability to track packages via tracking number, ability to watch the status of packages being delivered to you or being sent by you and much more. Here is a list of services the FedEx Free iPhone app offers:
  • Prepare shipments
  • Track Shipments
  • Calculate rates for sending packages
  • Find locations for drop off or pick up
  • Schedule pick up for packages.
The FedEx Mobile iPhone app is a great tools for anyone that occasionally needs to ship a package. I use mine all of the time for monitoring packages sent to vendors or keeping track of returns.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top "Free" iPhone 3.0 App - GPS Navigation

Many people have been awaiting the iPhone 3.0 release. Some were waiting on the copy and paste features, many were waiting on the push notification features of the new iPhone update, but many, if not most, were waiting for the capability of GPS Turn by Turn Navigation - including me. With the new 3.0 iPhone update, consumers get a taste of what we have been lacking thus far - a good voice prompted turn by turn, and now we have it. There are a few different iPhone apps out that boast "true" turn by turn implementation; however, many do not offer the full functionality that people were expecting. We are waiting forthe TomTom navigation iPhone app to be released later this summer, but until then we have been playing with one in particular - which we don't think is that bad. AT&T Navigator - the latest iPhone turn by turn GPS application. The AT&T Navigator is the basis service that other carriers have been offering for some time. It is just know getting to the iPhone with the latest update to firmware version 3.0.

Here are a list of things that the application offers:

1. Voice guided Turn By Turn GPS enabled direction
2. The ability to find landmarks and/or businesses within the app and navigate to them.

Some complaints are:

1. Lack of landscape mode.
2. Speaker is loud by sometimes "scratchy" sounding
3.The monthly price - $9.99/month

The app itself is free, but the service is $9.99 per month to get up to date "Live" updates about traffic and other things.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


iPhone applications are being produced at alarming speeds. Finding the best free applications is fun and can be really productive. There are apps that range from free games, free productivity apps, free social networking apps to free business apps. One application that I have and love is an application that enables you to keep track of milage. With today's economy, keeping track of milage is important in order to get the best tax deduction, if applicable, and become more responsible in your money management. I use this application on a daily bases. One of the most useful apps for the iPhone, and the one i recommend today is called Milebug. You can find this app through the apps store by searching for "Milebug". This application gives you all of the tools to record milage on multiple cars, multiple jobs or subjects and multiple other criteria. Milebug enables you to export the info to a Excel spreadsheet for tax purposes. Milebug is a great application for the iPhone for less than $5.00. A free version might be available.

Top Free iPhone App: MILEBUG


Omnifocus - The definitive task management system for the Apple iPhone and Apple desktop. This is the most powerful, context based, synch-able application you will find.

Evernote - The Evernote application is something for anybody that has ever wanted to remember anything. You might think you can take notes in the "notes" program, but be warned, the chances of you actually doing this are slim.

Wikipanion - your source to the online library Wikipedia. Tons of useful content and a very easy to access interface make this application a necessity. Check it out!

Urbanspoon - This is THE most convenient iPhone application that is not only really useful, but really fun to use. Find a place to eat, wither fine dinning or take out, based on rating, type or cost. This application is a blast with its shake option. It is FREE and awesome. You will use this one trust me.
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